ST 320

ST 320 Controlled axis sliding table saw

solidity and precision

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Reliability and robustness as standard
ST320 is built following high standards of sturdiness and precision
Reliability and robustness as standard
3 controlled axis
automatic control of the height and tilt of the blade and of the parallel fence
3 controlled axis
DescriptionST 320
Machine control PLC
Positioning of lateral fence automatic
Height of main saw control automatic
Saw tilting automatic
Saw tilt 0 - 45°
Main saw diameter (opt) 300 (350) mm
RPM main saw 4/5000
Main saw motor power 5.5 kW
Workable piece size 3120 x 3200  mm

Technical Specifications

ST320 is the new line of Masterwood sliding table saw machines made with the solidity and accuracy that distinguishes our product range.

Reliable and precise machines that are aimed at both small/medium craftsmen and large companies that need to integrate the table saw machine into their production process.

The ST320 is built to be a reliable, precise and practical tool to use thanks to its user-friendly interface, the fluidity of the carriage movement and the controlled axis stops.

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