On our customers' side

Masterwood service staff is able to provide the customer a variety of additional services outside the warranty period in order to get the best by your CNC.


At Masterwood's Showroom there is a teaching methodology room supplied with the most advanced technology, in which we organize training courses for resellers and final customers. Thanks to a pool of technical consultants, the formation activity is articulated in programmes having specific and targeted contents aimed to consent a constant update of different types of operators which are present on the market.


CNC's suited for all your needs

Doors, windows, stairs, kitchens, cabinets, "nesting" ... There are countless applications which you can use our machining centers for.

And while it is true that there is a wide range of products that a single CNC woodworking can machine, on the other hand for each product mix there is always  the best choice you can do within the wide portfolio of Masterwood products.
Use the selection filters to evaluate which the working centre best suited to your needs!

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