4WIN CNC woodworking centre

The maximum innovation in a CNC woodorking centre for windows processing

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Working Area
Locking with suction cups of any size and shape to optimize the workpiece support according to the processes to be performed.
Working Area
Tools magazine
10 pos. tools magazine on the router, 16 pos. tools magazine on the carriage, 12 + 12 pos. tools magazine on the ground.
Tools magazine
Working Area
Tenoning: the workpiece is firmly locked by two pressers at the same time.
Working Area
Operating Units
Liquid cooled high torque router for demanding machining.
Operating Units
Working table
The internal pressers rise to lock the workpiece.

Only after the locking of the internal pressers external ones disappear under the working plane level and part of the supporting surface goes down to allow the outer sash profiling.

Working table
Description4 WINUnit of measurement
Max machinable workpiece X-Y-Z (automatic table) 4380-140-140 mm
Working Area  X-Y-Z ("tubeless" - opt.) 2500-1100-140 mm
Electrospinde - max power up to 19 - HSK 63 E  kW

Max tools number on magazines

Max tool diameter 250  mm
Automatic working table std  
Additional "Tubeless" worktable opt  

Technical specifications

4 WIN, 3-axis machining center, is the answer to all issues you meet when fastly processing styled windows with perfect quality.

Patented working table for a firm workpiece clamping.

"High torque" operating unit specially designed for windows processing.

CNC especially designed for the processing and the production of:

  • design windows
  • doors


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