Great Opening in Netherlands
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06 giugno 2018

NETHERLANDS: Masterwood reinforces its presence in the country


CNC TEAM NEDERLAND BV  historical dealer in Netherlands for Masterwood opens the new headquarter located in Heteren. Great flow of visitors from all over the country during the event. This investment will be fundamental for the future of the company and conseguentely for Masterwood too.

Gerwin Pelle started his company about 15 years ago. He specialized in the sales of 3-4 axes and 5-axes CNC milling machines for various segment of woodworking industries, especially Masterwood CNC woodworking centers.

The new building comprises approximately 2,100 square meters of floor space with a spacious showroom of approximately 400 square meters where the customer can find some of the Masterwood products.

As Mr. Pelle says: "The showroom has a great importance for us. If a customer wants to buy a machine, we usually go together to another customer where the machine is already in use but we can also show it in the showroom with a wide range of available demos. We can better meet the specific wishes of the customer. "

CNC TEAM is the also a Masterwood service point. The service is an important activity for CNC TEAM NEDERLAND bacause more than 900 CNC machines already installed in the country. Mr. Pelle: "We are specialists in CNC and for this reason we also have specialized technicians. They know the machines well and can usually solve a problem quickly. CNC TEAM NEDERLAND currently consists of twelve people; seven field staff and five employees 'inside'. CNC Team has to know their customers well and this is a relevant part of the company vision."

The knowledge about the customer does not only concern the machines and the core business of the company, but the corporate culture of the customer too: "Knowledge means that we can respond quickly to questions from the customer, but also promplty identify and solve problems. The customer has the guarantee that, in the event of a downtime, service is provided within 8 business hours. In 2016, we reached the target at 96.6 percent and in 2017 this was 97.3 percent. There is also a large warehouse in the new building. We have many components in stock so that we can respond even faster in case of repairing. And furthermore, we work intensively with "team viewer", so we can remotely take over machine control and tackle the problem."

Another plan where Pelle is involved is the organization of seminars: "To this end, we also have this opportunity in our new building and we have already organized the first day of seminar. Two guest speakers discussed the advantages and disadvantages about leasing machines in front of an audiance of 130 attendees. The high turnout was significant and very hopeful. Topics that we are thinking of are the use of CAD/CAM software and an explanation of laws and regulations in the field of dust extraction.", says Pelle, who immediately mentions that the seminars are also accessible to non-customers: "Even more than before, CNC-Team Netherlands wants to be a company that opens its doors. We want to share knowledge with the seminars, and even if you are a customer or not: everyone is welcome."


 CNC TEAM - New Building Opening
Great Opening in Netherlands
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