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Another story with a happy end!

That's what happend between Masterwood and Deureka just few days ago when a MW18.38K nesting CNC was delivered and installed at Deureka facilities.
"It's finally here! We can proudly say that as of Monday, November 10th we have our own CNC milling machine." you can read on Deurka blog. And then: "What does this mean for you? The CNC milling machine allows Deureka manufacturing any plastic door model for you. Additionally, this creates opportunities to deliver panels with grooves; both vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Quick delivery and a price / performance ratio we can achieve even better with the arrival of this machine."

There are no better words than happy customer's ones!!!
Better quality, Time saving, Price/performance improvement, High production flexibility, "Tailor made" production..... don't you think it could be your chance?!

Be happy, choose Masterwood!