TEKNOLINE Numerical control machining center

Maximum flexibility in door production

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Technical detailsUnità di misuraTeknoline
Speed of operating groups in X m/min 50
Speed of operating groups in Y m/min 20
Tilting of operating groups ° -7/90°
Speed of clamping system m/min 35
Max. blade diameter ° 300
max length of workpiece mm 450/2800
max width of workpiece mm 40/200
max height of workpiece mm 30/45
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 12700 x 3800 x 1900

Technical features

Teknoline is an innovative and automated solution for the door frame. 

  • Teknoline guarantees high quality of finished products: the high rigidity base allows the elimination of mechanical vibrations.


  • High precision and repeatability of processing thanks to an efficient constant locking system and special verification devices


  • Blocking devices with high precision, automatic positioning and brushless motor

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