Master 3D

Master 3D Software: Woodworking CNC

No limits in 3D modelling!

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The CAD/CAM software

It is the solution for wood and similar materials working industry by numerically controlled machining centres.

Technical featuresLevel 1Level 2Level 3
3D graphics and photo-realistic rendering of the project. yes yes yes
Free design and measures of geometrical entities. yes yes yes
Design from predefined parametric models in library. yes yes yes
Design of 3D surfaces.
Surface definition by laser scanning.
no no yes
DXF, CAL, HPGL, PNT, ISO import yes yes yes
Pictures vectorialization and ZMap: BMP, JPG, DIB, PCX, TGA. no no yes
ART Module no no yes
Graphic tool database, customised profiled tools and tool holders. yes yes yes
4 axis interpolated management with the possibility to add two axis more. no no yes
5 axis interpolated management with the possibility to add one axis more. no no yes
Recess, relief machinings and sharp-edged engravings. yes yes yes
Cutting cycles by blade or tool, drilling, finishing, profiling, pocketing, contouring. yes yes yes
Automatic generation of lead in and lead out paths with graphic modification. no yes yes
3 axis roughing machinings and surface finishing. no no yes
5 axis machinings with tools and blades: scallop, flowline, develop, projection, pocketing. no no yes
Disposition of pieces and sub-pieces on the machine with automatic check of the interferences between the machinings and the sub-pieces. yes yes yes
Machining time and cost estimation and generation of piece programs for CNC. yes yes yes
Virtual milling yes yes yes
Graphic 3D simulation of the machining process: it is done using the CNC machine 3D. optional optional optional
3D collision detection of the machining centre. optional optional optional
Automatic nesting True Shape with panel and slab store management and label generation. optional optional optional

Master 3D

is complete and fully manages the woodworking process

From design to disposition of pieces and underpieces on the bench, 3D automatic collision detection with simulation, machining optimization and program generation.

Master 3D is available in three different levels:

1. Master 3D Level 1;
2. Master 3D Level 2;
3. Master 3D Level 3 



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