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CGEM and Masterwood! An endless profitable cooperation!

The company Compagnie Generale d'impresa Moderne has been established in the 1945.
The founder, Mr. Lucien Monier, starts the activity with the construction of building foundations and structural walls. In the 1975, Mr. Pierre Monier leads CGEM towards larger and more complex missions in the building industry. Ever since the CGEM has diversified its activities to offer the best solutions to the customer.

The most prestigeous projects have been developped and realized by CGEM thanks to Masterwood technology.

In the 2008, CGEM has choosen to implement its wood working department with a 5 axis working center, model Project 5H, with the aim of improving machining quality and reducing production costs.
The Project 5H was heavily involved in the production of windows, doors and milling works (shop fittings) being the main sectors of the wood working department.

In the 2010, CGEM has decided to invest in a new Masterwood product:
the revolutionary machining center 4 WIN”, highly specialized in windows and doors production.
Completely and automaticly managed by Masterwindow software, this NC Machining Center has allowed the company to double the production and further improve the quality.

Within the same year, CGEM acquires another machining center: Project TF, mainly dedicated to furniture and cabinet production and thanks to “Top Solid”, an external 3D software, programs are directly generated from the commercial projects.