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Masterwood SpA & Piklas Oy


The company Piklas Oy, a market leader in the production of windows and doors for the Finnish market, was looking for a new concept to produce their range of doors in a more flexible way to reduce the costs of the final product.

The managing director Erkki Tolvanen, using the experience gained from the shoe markets, has developed with his team of experts a smart software which allows any end user to purchase his own door directly via internet.

Today, through their web site,

it is possible to select from more than 38 million different configurations (design, sizes, colors, type of hinges) your own door, and to have it delivered directly to your home within 3-4 weeks from the order.

Due to the fact that no sales organization is needed, and the office costs have been greatly reduced, the price of the final product has been dramatically reduced.

In order to be able to reach this goal, flexible and smart machinery was needed. This is why Piklas, after a long investigation in the market, has decided to work with a strong local dealer, the company Awutek, purchasing from them two Masterwood CNC machines along with fully automatic control that enables them to be set up without any manual intervention, directly from the web site.

Piklas. Awutek, Masterwood: a story of success!