Masterwood takes you by the hand in the CNC world. Come and find out!
Factory 4.0 READY
Factory 4.0 READY
Since its foundation Masterwood has staked everything on CNC. For us, "Smart Production", "Usability", "Automation" are not simple words, but daily practice
The best technology tailored around you!
The best technology tailored around you!
The worldwide research of the best suppliers, the Italian ability to create a unique and performing product mix.
Events & Fairs
Events & Fairs
Masterwood is present at all major events. Find out where and when
With Masterwood you feel at home!
With Masterwood you feel at home!
We spend time and energy to listen to our customers.


Italian technology at the service of carpenters all over the world

We have been producing woodworking machineries for more than fifty years, helping the furniture and casing industry with our passion and professionalism.
The MASTERWOOD brand was born in 1990 out of the merger of two companies that wrote the history of our industry: MUTI, the leader in the production of chisel mortising and mortising machines and ZANGHERI & BOSCHETTI, specialized in the production of automatic multiple boring machines.

Our history

Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy CNC's. From the phase of functional design through testing, packaging and shipping: everything happens in our factories in Rimini.

CNC Specialits

From its origins Masterwood stands out for its extreme focus on CNC's.
You can not be in safer hands than ours!


In the World

Masterwood exports more than 80% of its production to all six continents, that's why we are well known! Find our representative near you!


CNC's suited for all your needs

Doors, windows, stairs, kitchens, cabinets, "nesting" ... There are countless applications which you can use our machining centers for.

And while it is true that there is a wide range of products that a single CNC woodworking can machine, on the other hand for each product mix there is always  the best choice you can do within the wide portfolio of Masterwood products.
Use the selection filters to evaluate which the working centre best suited to your needs!

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CNC Woodworking Centres

The Masterwood woodworking centres are the result of thirty years of experience in the industry. Advanced components and an Italian genius.
Find out the best model for you.

Our Software

Modern software for cutting-edge machines.
The large offer of Masterwood software allows every customer to have "hiso own" working center.
Let's find out 

Manufacturing Paths

From the working centres for the craftsman to complete lines for high productivity plants.

For every need there is a Masterwood solution.


Masterwood fits for reinforced door production

Classen -Pol
Classen -Pol

High Production and Flexibility: The Dream of any modern company!